Our core competences

Our industry is quite complex. As a company specializing in financing solutions, you’d be surprised how many core competences we are dependent on to make our business roll.

Corporate development, marketing and market analysis

Our strength is to target relevant offers to different types of customer groups. The success lies in a good sense of communication and trends. We have specialists in corporate development, digital marketing, communication, CRM and analytics.

Analysis and finance

Entercard is one of Scandinavia’s leading players in credit. As experts in analysis and modeling, we ensure that our card portfolios and loan products will be profitable. We have employees who are experts in statistics, analysis of customer data, digital solutions, finance and economics.

Credit risk and law

Our business is strictly regulated by laws and security requirements. As a finance company, it is important that we act responsibly. That’s why our marketing, legal, risk and IT departments work closely to ensure that we comply with the law and that we offer the right credit limits to the right person.

Customer service

Having satisfied customers and partners is a prerequisite for creating long-term relationships. Our customer service team works daily to provide good service and support to our customers through digital channels and via telephone. The customer feedback helps us to continually improve our products and services.

IT and business development

Card payments are completely dependent on operational and secure systems. We therefore look at IT as the hub of our operations. Technological innovation and the complexity of today’s IT systems means that we must secure a high level of expertise in IT, infrastructure and project management to develop and renew our card solutions and systems.